Czech Republic: Diversity Day

Business for Society Czech organised the second Diversity Day in May, held as part of the Diversity+ series. The Minister for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation opened the event and showed support for the idea of ​​the European Diversity Charter and its signatories. They also welcomed the new signatories of Diversity Charter.


The Diversity Day was focused on "Social Bubbles at the Workplace” and how to overcome them. There were series of debates focused on finding answers to questions including how employers could support different needs of employees and successfully integrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


The panel discussions took place on inclusion of LGBTI, immigrants and the Roma community. It showed that equal opportunities have to be the base for any HR strategy and approach. However, we also need to support the idea of diversity in education, as this creates future chances at the labour market. The purpose of this discussion was to show what people can do to overcome social barriers at the workplace. Additionally, it was shown that if corporate culture is open and reflects the diverse needs of employees, it can be attractive for new talents and bring innovation for companies and institutions.

The event also touched the gender bubbles and how to successfully connect the male and female bubbles. Statistics show that there is still a relatively low number of women in the business leadership in the Czech Republic.


Czech Women on Boards Index 2017


Business for Society Czech has already compiled the third complete Czech Women on Boards Index 2017 including TOP 250 companies (by turnover). The Index depicts the composition of the statutory bodies of these companies (the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Companies and the Managing Directors and Procurators of the Limited Liability Companies) untill December 31, 2016.

The representation of women in all statutory bodies for the Czech TOP 250 largest companies is still only 12.5% ​​(168 women out of 1349 people). Compared to the previous year, there has been only a 0.5% increase.

The index also shows that if a woman achieves a certain level of influence in a company, it has a positive impact on higher representation of women in statutory bodies. As in the previous year, if the chairperson is female, the average female representation is at least 8% higher than when a man is in leadership.

Czech Diversity Charter

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