Portugal: First national forum for diversity

Last May 22, 2017, at ISCTE_IUL Lisbon, the 1st national forum for diversity was held. This initiative by the Portuguese Diversity Charter gathered more than 200 people and 100 organisations of different sizes and sectors in a moment of reflection and sharing of practices on diversity and inclusion in our working environments.


With the presence the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Catarina Marcelino, Solat Chaudhry (Investors in Diversity), Isabelle Pujol (Pluribus Europe) and João Tavares (EDP), the morning was filled with inspiring examples and strategies for those who wish to start or continue to enhance the power of diversity within their organisations.


In the afternoon, after the presentation of Infrastructure of Portugal and Resiquimica, two signatories of the Charter that volunteered to be the subject of case studies by the ISCTE-IUL (Prof. Joana Alexandre and Sara Ramos; Marian Correia and Mafalda Visitatação, Master's students), the Charter´s Award for diversity was officially realeased. The applications to this award are now open (more info here).


The closure included the signing of about 30 new signatory organisations and the encouraging words of Ana Sofia Antunes, Secretary of State for the inclusion of people with disabilities.


Afterwards, a side event was held with six workshops, where about 120 people were able to deepen knowledge and share practices on topics such as gender, disability, culture and religion, inclusive leadership, unconscious bias and age diversity.

News about the event were published in several online publications, newspapers and at national television.


Assessed very positively by all the people present, we look forward to a new edition for 2018!


For now, we are studying new collaborations between the Charter and the guest speakers, as well as the delivery the Awards for diversity next November 2017.

Portuguese Diversity Charter

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