Italy: Multicultural and religion diversity at work

On the May 9, 2017, the workshop “Integration of the multicultural diversity in the company” was organised in Milan with the participation of the French Diversity Charter and with the support of the European Commission. 


The workshop was open to the signatories of the Italian diversity charter, in particular HR and CSR Managers, and to a wider public audience. 


The objective of the workshop was to focus on multiculturalism and religion diversity: how it affects the labour market and possible practices to achieve a better integration in the company. Three company practices were presented by Pirelli, Costa Crociere and Arka Services and the French Diversity Charter presented also its own experience in religion diversity at the workplace. Laura Zanfrini, Professor at the Catholic University of Milan presented the background framework regarding migrants’ integration in the Italian labour market and the NGO Soleterre provided some examples of practical issues encountered within a project of integration of migrants in the labour market. 


Religion and multicultural diversity is not perceived as a priority topic among Italian companies. As the Italian Diversity Charter survey shows gender, age and disability are still considered the most important factors to tackle. Diversity policies tackling ethnic minorities are implemented by only 24% of the respondents, and those related to religion minorities by only 17%. However, it seems that attention to these groups have increased, probably as a consequence of the migration flows that Italy is experiencing.


The comparison with the French case represented a strong added value to the workshop providing practical examples on how to manage multicultural and religion diversity at the workplace. 

Italian Diversity Charter

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