CSR Europe publishes new Issue Insight on human rights reporting for European companies

Over the past few years the pressure on companies to report on their human rights and due diligence activities is vastly increasing, as is the number of related regulations.


In 2014 the European Commission introduced the Directive on Non-Financial and Diversity Information, which was followed up in 2015 by the UK Modern Slavery Act and shortly after by French Law No. 2017-399, the European Regulation on Conflict Minerals and the Dutch Child Labour Due Diligence Law. This growing regulatory body is increasingly asking companies to publicly state their stance on non-financial and human rights issues, and to practically show what actions they are taking in these areas.

In order to aid companies in understanding what this growing regulatory body implies for them, CSR Europe has developed its new Issue Insight on Developments in the Field of Human Rights Reporting for European Companies. This Issue Insight provides an understanding of:

  • Which of these legislations will apply to your company;
  • What the expectations and required actions are for companies; and,
  • What the consequences of non-compliance are for companies
Download the Issue Insight

Understanding how these regulatory developments will affect your company is an important first step which CSR Europe aims to help you take.

If you have any questions on the content of this issue insight, please send them to csr14@csreurope.org. CSR Europe will additionally compile a FAQs document to provide clarification to members’ open questions.

CSR Europe also offers value above and beyond this Issue Insight on the topic of human rights:

Our Business and Human Rights local training offer supports members’ affiliates to better grasp the implication of integrating human rights in business (policies and processes).

Our relaunch of the Management of Complaints Assessment tool (MOC-A) will help businesses gauge the effectiveness of their human rights grievance mechanisms, and develop their understanding of how to implement a more effective mechanism in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights.

For more information on CSR Europe’s work on supply chain sustainability and human rights, please consult the project page, Source for Good, or contact Alice Pedretti (AP@csreurope.org)

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