Luxembourg: Supporting organisations in their willingness to recruit third country nationals

IMS Luxembourg has officially launched a practical guide, Migration vers l’Emploi (Migrating towards employment), on April 6, 2017, during an interactive conference with around 60 participants. While the recruitment methods for third country nationals seem untransparent and complex for many organisations, this guide aims at addressing the key concepts in order to support them in their willingness to recruit and/or integrate third country nationals within Luxembourg companies.

Employment, an essential condition to a lasting integration

For third country nationals having a job is an essential condition to a lasting integration within the host society. While these new entrants are facing many barriers - administrative as well as linguistic- it is more than necessary to facilitate access to employment.

Go beyond appearances

This hot topic at European level becomes even more urgent to address in Luxembourg: as a country of immigration for several decades, and located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg attracts citizens well beyond the European Union’s borders. On January 1, 2016, Luxembourg counted 39,700 third country nationals, that is to say almost 14% of the overall population. However, certain biases still persist even though third country nationals bring an added value to the organisations, the economy and the society. Nonetheless, they cannot become integrated by themselves: society has to adapt as well.

The guide, Migration vers l’Emploi, aimed at the Luxembourgish employers, provides an overview of the terminology related to “third country nationals”, but also of the recruitment process. Moreover best practices guide employers towards actions that can be implemented: small actions than can have a global impact.
The practical guide is available in French and in English on

Luxembourg Diversity Charter

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