Netherlands: Diversity Charter in collective agreement

On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, the Dutch Employers Banking Association (EBA) signed the Diversity Charter. The Employers Banking Association consists of 24 banks, which openly committed to a diverse workplace and staff. This act followed the first stipulation ever that includes the Diversity Charter in a collective agreement in the Netherlands. According to article 12.5 in the EBA’s collective agreement the Association would join Diversity at Work and sign the Diversity Charter in 2017. In addition, the stipulation demands that employers pay attention to the benefits of diversity and the fight against discrimination in the workplace at least once a year by attending a conference or training organised by the Employers Banking Association. 

The treasurer of the EBA, Els Verhagen, stressed the importance of female leadership in financial institutions. She questioned female leadership styles, analysing if this style is more holistic or emphatic. She posed the question: “what is the added value of female leadership for banks?” The 24 member banks will address this and others issues the coming year. In 2018, there will be a second meeting to gather the results.



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Netherlands Diversity Charter
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