Germany: 5th German Diversity Day sees millions of employees in Germany stand up for diversity

Deutschland is varied and multi-faceted. The 5th German Diversity Day with the slogan “Daring to be diverse: We’re showing our colours!” took place across Germany on May 30, 2017 on Charta der Vielfalt’s initiative, with more than 1,300 projects. 

There’s good news in the matter of diversity: according to a recent forsa survey, close to 90 percent of Germans are in favour of promoting diversity at the workplace. The high approval rate is reflected once again in the record participation in the 5th German Diversity Day. Millions of employees are celebrating diversity at the workplace today, actively flying their flags in this way for appreciative cooperation in Germany. The day of action was supported again in 2017 by the funding programme “Integration through Qualification (IQ)”.

Diversity and equal opportunities are important for Germany as a business location. “Only if we stand up for equal participation in society of each and every individual, can we fully develop our societal potential, also economically,” Andrea Nahles, Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, said. “To successfully live diversity, business, employees and political decision makers have to collaborate. With their actions for the 5th German Diversity Day, the participating organisations are sending an important signal.” 

This view is supported by about two-thirds (61%) of Germany’s citizens. They’re demanding that companies and institutions that promote diversity should be supported politically more than in the past. “These results show: appreciation and constructively dealing with diversity in society and the working world have been and will continue to be key imperatives,” says Aletta Gräfin von Hardenberg, managing director of Charta der Vielfalt. “Tackled strategically in a thought-through manner, actions for diversity can not only make a big difference, but also ensure a better working environment, higher satisfaction and more motivation at work.”

German Diversity Charter

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