Poland: Meeting of generations in the workplace - the 4th National Diversity Day

On Wednesday, May 24, 2017, the 4th National Diversity Day was held - the largest annual event organized by the Responsible Business Forum within the framework of the Diversity Charter projects. This year's edition of the conference was titled "Workplace: meeting of generations" and was focused primarily on the age management. During the meeting also winners  of "People who change business" Award were announced. The conference was held on the 35th floor of Warsaw Trade Tower.

Observing labor market trends and demographic change forecasts, as the Responsible Business Forum, we have decided to focus this year on one of the aspects of workplace diversity management, which is very up-to-date and relevant to all of the employees - age diversity at work.

"Age, aging and experience are very universal topics that show us once again and make us realize that 'diversity' applies to each of us. That is why we decided to focus on this issue this year. We are very glad about such big interest in this year's conference. It means that employers and employees see changes happening in the job market and want to do the best they can to create open and inclusive job places, " said Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, Chairman of the Responsible Business Forum.

New Signatories and Research

The Diversity Day has traditionally begun official Charter signing by the new signatories, organizations that have decided to make a declaration of anti-discrimination and openness to diversity. This time the signatures were made by business representatives - VEOLIA Energia Polska and Bank Zachodni WBK - and the non-governmental organizations – Federacja Mazovia and Polska bez barier Foundation.

Conference was opened by Professor Izabela Warwas from the University of Lodz. Speakers presented the results of the latest research on various generations at work, showing that many information  of the young and older workers based on stereotypes and myths are not supported by facts (for example, research shows that a much smaller number of workers aged 50 take sick leave than workers up to the age of 35, or the ratio of older employees interested in developing skills and taking part in trainings).

After the lecture, debate took place. Invited guests - specialists in CSR, human resource management  and age management - discussed the situation on the labor market in the context of age differences. The common conclusion of the talks as well as the lecture was, first of all that diversity, including age diversity, it's profitable/bring benefits both to employers and employees. Employers can benefit from the more innovative approach of age-diverse teams to work or problem-solving, and employees gain, above all, the ability to develop their skills and competencies through the knowledge and experience of other generations.

Practice and creativity

The participants of the meeting had a chance to learn some practical aspects of diversity management by taking part in one of prepared workshops: for SMEs, large companies, NGOs and for those who are just starting to implement diversity management in their place of refuge. The fifth workshop was a creative one, where participants worked on a new name for 50+ employees. The results of this meeting were two new names Goldensi and Q Generation (about how qualified or Quality referring to the high competencies, knowledge and skills of older workers).


Award for changing business

The Responsible Business Forum for the second time has awarded people who work on responsible business management to become a standard in Poland and which, through their personal involvement, contributed from year 2015 to 2016 to promotion of corporate social responsibility. The award was given in three categories: Business, Non-Business Sector and - on the occasion of the 5th Polish Diversity Charter anniversary – Diversity  (in recognition of the efforts in the field of developing diversity management in the workplace in Poland)



Adamkiewicz Małgorzata - Adamed Group,

 Dyluś Barbara - Microsoft,

 Kalbarczyk Marek - Altix;



Dejna Agnieszka – Browar Spółdzielczy (Cooperative Brewery)

Rozbicka Blanka - Royal Bank of Scotland,

Strasznajder Dorota - Henkel Poland


Non-business sector:

Cendrowicz Marta – Otwarte Klatki Society

Ostrowska Daria – Fundacja Laboratorium Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu,

Sowińska Ewa -Krajowa Izba Biegłych Rewidentów


More information about the Award (in Polish), visit www.odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl/nagroda  

Photos of the event

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