Spain: Fundacion Diversidad and the Fundacion Instituto de Empresa create a partnership to study generational diversity

The lack of research on the situation of senior workers in Spanish companies along with the rise of life expectancy and the need to retain more workers in the labour market will require a revision on the current retirement age in Spain.


To address this trend, Fundación Diversidad and the Vice President of the Demography and Generational Diversity Observatory of the IE, on May 29, signed an agreement to carry out a study on generational diversity.

The lack of official statistical data has led the Observatory to develop this research which has the direct collaboration of the Human Resources Center of IE and Fundacion Diversidad. Through a survey of 18 questions, the study aims to draw objective conclusions to obtain statistical data related to the situation of people over the age of 55 among Spanish companies.

Aspects such as; the training of mature workers within organisations, if they have access to partial retirement plans at a certain age or the number of people that go into early retirement each year. These are some of the aspects that will be analysed in the survey and it will be supplemented by a guide of best practices.


In the words of Dr. Rafael Puyol, Director of the Observatory of Demography and Generational Diversity of IE, "the prevailing demographic variables that combine a very low birth rate along with a strong aging workforce, will translate into a short-term imbalance between the active and dependent population."

For Rafael Puyol, this research will be of interest to all Spanish companies, since all of them, to a greater or lesser extent, will be affected by the demographic and labour processes mentioned above.


Thanks to the agreement, Fundacion Diversidad, will distribute the survey among more than 802 companies which are members of the Diversity Charter.

With the results obtained, a final study will be developed and will be presented publicly.


Spanish Diversity Charter

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