Austria: Mentoring for migrants

This year’s “Mentoring for Migrants” programme for Vienna and Lower Austria came to a successful close at an upbeat ceremony held on May 18, 2017.

Numerous participants shared their insights from the latest round of the programme, which again focussed on mentees with refugee backgrounds. In fact, around 40% of participants had a refugee background. This year’s group was also extremely well qualified, with nearly 97% of mentees having earned a university degree.

In addition to reporting on their own mentoring partnerships, the mentees offered a closer look into the intercultural specificities of their own countries of origin. This year, people from 36 different countries participated in the programme. An especially large number from the Middle East and Eastern Europe took part.

Many people from a migrant background currently living in Austria have what it takes to become gainfully employed, yet lack the necessary personal contacts and informal knowledge to enter the labour market. Mentors can fill these gaps and help mentees take their first career steps in Austria. At the same time, mentors also profit from new intercultural experiences, enhanced self-reflection, and expanded personal networks. Employees of our Charta signatory companies were also involved as Mentors.

The next round of the programme is scheduled to begin in September 2017. 

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