Rethinking Careers across Europe

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming webinar.

Current economic trends and the rise of retirement ages in most European countries, increasingly require individuals to adapt their skills so as to remain employable over a longer period of time and safeguard their career paths. Consequently, there is a need for HR to rethink and individualise careers with a new approach.

The outcomes of CSR Europe's Lifelong Employability Assessment (LEA) shows that companies are not fully equipped yet to deal with lifelong employability challenges. 

This webinar aims at capitalizing on the learnings from HR Managers while zooming more specifically into national particularities of Italy and the Czech Republic based on the outcomes of the last years’ country workshops. 

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Event Details:
Date: Tue 24 February, 2015 from 15:00 to 16:00
Presenter: CSR Europe, Mr. Camilleri (Hera group), Mr. Liaj (Gruppo Reale), representatives from our Italian and Czech NPO's
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