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We are pleased to invite you to CSR Europe’s 2nd Brussels SDG Summit on 23 May 2018, in partnership with the European Business Summit (EBS).

Our conference will welcome 300 participants from CSR Europe and EBS partners, including our corporate members and national partners, regional partners from China, Japan, India,Iran and Quebec (Canada), high-level officials from the EU Institutions, national development agencies, as well as key stakeholder groups (sector associations, NGOs, investors, trade unions,).

The Brussels SDG Summit will be instrumental to shape our future, as CSR Europe has received the official mandate from the Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the Vice-President Frans Timmermans, to co-shape and build vision & strategy for a Sustainable Europe.

For impactful partnerships


Our inspiration for this upcoming Summit stems from SDG 17 (Sustainable Development Goal): Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development.

The main focus of our programme will be on transforming markets through partnerships for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Indeed, industry sector and multi-stakeholder partnerships can multiply positive impact while sharing costs.

In this conference, we will:

  • demonstrate how collaboration is essential to create systemic changes needed in a society
  • showcase sectorial and multi-stakeholder partnerships and see how they can multiply positive impact while sharing the costs
  • provide a platform for networking with practitioners, policy makers and experts from across Europe and the world.

During the Brussels SDG Summit, you will also be the first to hear the results and receive our new White Paper on Sector Collaboration : ‘Maturity of Sustainability in industry sectors through the lens of the SDGs’. A document produced in collaboration with PWC.


The conference main partner is ENEL.


We look forward to seeing you in Brussels.



Venue of the Day: Egmont Palace - Place du Petit Sablon, 8, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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