Auditors warn EU needs more solar power to meet environmental targets

The EU is falling short from its renewables target. Solar and wind power generation growth have been decreasing since 2014, and many member states face severe challenges in meeting 2020 targets. 


The European Court of Auditors published a special report urging the EU to take “significant action” to meet 2020 renewable targets. Technological developments in wind and solar power made these sectors fully capable to compete, but Auditors found that the sudden reduction of support schemes in 2014 deterred investors and slowed growth.


Without quick action, the 2030 renewables target of 32% will not be reached. The report addresses several recommendations, such as simplifying procedures and promoting investment in grid infrastructure; and ensuring better monitoring.


Scaling up the production of renewable energy is critical in terms of availability of raw materials and waste disposal: a more circular approach to renewable energy might be needed for the energy sector to become truly sustainable.


In order to foster sustainability in renewable energy production, CSR Europe and Enel are testing the ground to create a collaborative platform learn and share best practices and to develop concrete collaborative projects on the circular business models in renewable energy.


The first workshop to explore common grounds for such a collaborative platform took place on the 1st of July.

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