Slovenia: leading into tomorrow: the skills you will need

How to be an active and flexible leader workshop

Ekvilib Institute is organising a workshop for leaders in the making on the 7th June 2019 from 08.30-15.30 in Ljubljana, Pošta Slovenije, Čopova 11 (conference hall)


This leadership development program takes you beyond change-focused, transactional leadership to transformational leadership.

This is done by:

  • Building a leader’s psychological flexibility and resilience* – self-awareness, awareness of others and the ability to take values- guided action in challenging situations.
  • Creating a common understanding and awareness of value-based behaviours and modelling these.

This workshop is based on the latest research in behavioural and neuroscience. It has been proven to build psychological flexibility and reduce stress.

Find more details on the website.

* Psychological resilience is not about toughing it out and ignoring your feelings. Resilience comes from the Latin word “resilire”, meaning to “rebound” or to “bounce back”. Unfortunately, most people, therefore, think of resilience as the ability to bounce back after stress. But this concept of resilience can be somewhat limiting. So will explore a much broader definition of resilience:

  • Resilience is the ability to initiate and sustain values-guided action and to engage fully in life, through times of both ease and difficulty, through periods of both stress and calm.
  • Psychological flexibility is the ability to be more fully present, aware and open to your experience in the current situation and have the ability to take effective values-guided actions with a conscience.


Dr. Natasha Lazareski (Kiso) is the co-director of PsyFlex, exploring together with her collaborator Dr Russ Harris the important connections between mind, body, environment and wellbeing.

PsyFlex’s mission is to enable organisations to thrive and succeed through developing resilient, flexible employees capable of effectively responding to all life’s challenges. Its goal is a workforce committed to achieving the best commercial results in a sustainably positive and safe work environment.

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