Launch of EU-China Sustainability Leadership Platform


EU and Chinese companies have a lot to learn from each other. This new Platform aims at promoting practical collaboration between businesses to achieve the SDGs


CSR Europe and its Chinese partner GoldenBee CSR Consulting have launched a new Sustainability Leadership Platform at the Brussels SDG Summit. The purpose is to create an institutional framework to incubate, coordinate and promote collaboration between Chinese and European companies on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.




“As trade relations and attention to sustainability are growing in both EU and China, it is essential to create more visibility about practical collaboration. At the same time, the platform has the potential to become a “model” that can be implemented in other regions in the world, e.g. Japan and Africa.” says Hans Daems, Chair of CSR Europe.


The platform will also leverage existing collaborations, from our National Partners in the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden with their Chinese counterpartners. Gefei Yin, Chief Expert, GoldenBee Consulting: "This new Sustainability Platform should also enhance the leadership position of both GoldenBee and CSR Europe on promoting the practical collaboration between sector leaders and policy makers."




Four working areas have been highlighted for the future collaboration of the Sustainability Leadership Platform : policy, impact platform & sector approaches, knowledge sharing and communication.


The possible actions could be the following:


  • Monitor and Dialogue on Trade agenda, Belt & Road

Impact platforms & Sector approaches


  • Closer collaboration in automotive supply chain, Drive Sustainability
  • Align, leverage and strengthen projects from CSR Europe’s partner organizations (Econsense (Germany), MVO Netherlands, CSR Sweden)
  • Special collaboration with related associations on raw material sourcing (Rubber, cobalt, copper, etc.)

Knowledge sharing & learning for companies

  • Session on raw materials
  • Strengthening of engagement of Chinese companies in Europe
  • Sharing of tools, benchmarks, etc.


  • Specific website to demonstrate on-going activity


GoldenBee CSR Consulting, founded in 2003, is one of the first professional organisations to embrace social responsibility and sustainable development in China. As an advocate, communicator, promoter and pioneer of social responsibility in China, GoldenBee CSR Consulting takes the lead in researching, consulting, training and responsible brand building services; Based on rich practical and research experience, GoldenBee CSR Consulting proposes and advocates “Responsibility Competitiveness” philosophy, continuously provides high-quality CSR consulting services to clients, develops innovative management patterns together with clients to help them transform into sustainable enterprises meeting future challenges.

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