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How responsible is your organisation in its digital transformation?

On October 10, CSR Europe members are gathering to investigate company practices and standards on ‘Corporate Digital Responsibility’ and the future of work. The working group will define various responsibility dimensions for the workplace in relation to digitalisation, data and automation. Read more

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Seats are filling up for this year’s Sustainability and Innovation Conference!

The 3rd chapter of Sustainability and Innovation Conference series “Digitalisation & Work: ICT, Driver of Social Value” – organised by CSR Europe and Huawei – is all set to take place on 11th October 2018, at the Solvay Library in Brussels. This conference brings together 150 experts from businesses, politics, international organisations and NGOs to discuss the evolving role of ICT in the economy and its impact on productivity and employment. We will soon update our programme with the speakers. Keep an eye on our agenda and register now!


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The Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Leadership through Collaboration

CSR Europe is gearing up for its 2030 Strategic Programme. In order to discuss the possible direction for change in CSR Europe’s strategy, we have kicked off a member consultation process. We are holding the first webinar "Sustainable Leadership Through Collaboration" on 19th September. Read more

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EU-German exchange on Sustainability Transparency & Performance

CSR Europe and Econsense invite their members to scale up corporate transparency and responsible behaviour. At the Roundtable ‘Trends and Opportunities in Sustainability’ the aim is to enable an EU-German exhange on sustainability policy making and transparency. During the session, key findings from the European Commission Reflection Paper to Heads of States, Industry 2030 Strategy and EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance will be presented. How can we ensure policy coherence between EU and national levels? Read more and register

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Moody's: Empowering women with financial knowledge

SMEs are key drivers for local job-creation and positive social change. Moody’s launched a new initiative aimed at small-business owners – especially women entrepreneurs. The goal is to provide insight into what the financial sector expects from these women and how they are assessed in terms of getting credit. Read more

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Congrats to the CSR Leaders and Influencers!

Advancing the sustainability agenda, Fortune and Assents have released their respective ‘Change the World’ list and ‘Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leaders’ list. We are happy to spot several CSR Europe member organisations featured for their incredible initiatives on sustainability, i.e. Johnson & Johnson, the Walt Disney Company, Coca-Cola, Hyundai Motor, L’Oreal, Danone, and our national partner CSR Turkey.

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Circular Economy: What are the enablers and barriers?

CSR Europe and the other partners of the R2π project have published a report on the enablers and barriers of a circular economy. By presenting stakeholder views on what influences the transition from linear to circular economy business models, the report provides an insight into the main drivers and obstacles of the transformation. Read more

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Does your company want to advance human rights in its operations?

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) have encouraged and guided companies to adopt policies and due diligence processes to further respect human rights across their value chain. With the support from our National Partner Organisations (NPOs)  a new round of local training sessions is starting in September and will go on until early 2019. Read more

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Introducing a Podcast Series on Capacity Building for Sustainable Supply Chains

CSR Europe has gathered three unique and different good practice examples from our corporate members in our new podcast series. In the 10-15 minute episodes, each of the three podcasts provides deep insight in the chosen companies’ strategy approach to gain capacity building along their value chains. Read more

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Automotive & Electronics: Enhancing sustainability in the supply chain

The ‘Material Change’ report by Drive Sustainability and the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), assesses the importance of 37 materials to automotive and electronic industries. Evaluating environmental, social and governance risks for the materials at industry levels the report sets the basis for future collaboration to enhance sustainability in the supply chainRead more and download report

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Upcoming events CSR Europe
Welcome September!

We have a lot of interesting subjects on our event agenda for the coming months: Strategy 2030, Non-Financial Reporting, Future of Work, Circular Economy, Corporate Digital Responsibility,  IoT and AI. 

Take a look at the calendar and sign up!

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Contribute to the next Newsbundle

The deadline for contributions for the next issue of the Newsbundle is October 2, 2018, at 17.00 (CEST).

If you would like to share relevant information on your CSR activities or events with the Newsbundle readers or contribute an Enterprise 2020 blog post, please contact Tulsi Zaveri at

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