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Join the Appeal for a New Deal for Europe

More than 100 CEOs made an appeal to join forces for a New Deal for Europe. They want to accelerate sustainable growth, tackle climate change and create inclusive prosperity. Brought together by CSR Europe, the CEOs raise their voice to enhance dialogue and strengthen interaction with Politics, Civil Society and their Business & Industry peers.  Are you a CEO who wants to make his voice heard? Read more and Endorse here



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New CSR Europe Board appointed by General Assembly

During its General Assembly on the 6th of May 2019 in Brussels, CSR Europe officially appointed its new Board of Directors to serve for the period 2019-2022. Discover Our New Board of Directors

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CEOs & Collaboration as enablers to shift from Urgency to Action

CSR Europe’s 3rd White Paper, produced in collaboration with Globescan, highlights how society’s progress is lagging behind in reaching SDGs. The time has now come to act and deliver progress. Collaborative platforms and multi-stakeholder partnerships are enablers that can speed up the transition. In this context, CEOs are also expected to take the lead on change. Read more

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Discover CSR Europe’s 2030 Strategy and Service Offer

CSR Europe is a network of leading international companies and National Partners throughout Europe. With our newly established 2030 Strategy and Service Offer, we reconfirm ourselves as a unique private sector movement to accelerate the SDG/climate change agenda within Europe. While the urgency of this challenge is well understood by leading companies, we see our role as the main enabler for responsible and sustainable business in Europe, leveraging our entire network to deliver action-oriented impact. Read More

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Collaborative Platforms
Improving Working Conditions of Truck Drivers

Nearly 5 million people in the EU are employed in road transport. CSR Europe launches a collaborative platform to raise social standards in road transport logistics with leading manufacturing and logistics companies. The group will work to increase transparency in the sector and work with other stakeholders to drive practical “on the road” improvements. All companies are invited to join this platform. Read More

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Pool your expertise in Biodiversity & Industry with us!

CSR Europe currently explores collaboration opportunities between businesses and key stakeholders to take collective action towards Biodiversity & Industry. We are setting up a small action group to provide a practice-oriented approach.  The purpose is for businesses to exchange real-life examples, pool expertise together through a multi-stakeholder approach and link emerging challenges with policymakers. Read More

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4 Partners to tackle Women in STEM

Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Samsung Electronics and Amgen to partner with CSR Europe to create a collaborative STEM Platform to drive sustainable impact. Read More

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Prepare your workforce for change

Technological advancements are forcing companies to rethink their business models and workforce compositions. As a result, many organisations are reducing staff and offering new positions, very often not matching the redundant profiles. While former employees find themselves out of work, companies struggle with a poor reputation, low employee engagement and reduced talent attractiveness. In response, workforce transitions are emerging as new options for companies to equip their employees for the future of work while investing in their competitiveness and corporate branding. Join CSR Europe online on 12 June to discuss how to achieve sustainable workforce transitions. Discover how we are investigating to launch company led pilots to make workforce transitions inclusive. Read More

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How can Circular Procurement foster Collaboration in the Supply Chain?


Circular procurement can encourage suppliers to collaborate and implement circular economy principles. Luca Meini, Head of Circular Economy at Enel, shared some insights about the opportunities and challenges of implementing the circularity concept in procurement at the global level during CSR Europe’s Brussels SDG Summit. As a follow-up, we are organising a  workshop to explore common grounds for a collaborative platform on circular business models in renewable energy. Read More

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Experiences and Sustainability Challenges in Rubber Supply Chain

CSR Europe, co-organises in partnership with the CCCMC (Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Metals, Minerals and Chemical Importers) a stakeholder event in Shanghai, China on 21st May.

The aim is to establish a Sustainable Natural Rubber Network (“SNRN”). It will provide the methodology and approach that links all value chain actors – from financial markets to farmers - and will engage Chinese and international actors. Read more

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How to pursue a Responsible & Transparent Tax Behaviour, the case of Iberdrola

Avoidance of artificial structures, regular monitoring of international tax transparency developments and collaboration with the CSR department.  These are some of the measures used by Iberdrola to avoid tax risks and inefficiencies in the implementation of business decisions. CSR Europe released a Blueprint on Responsible and Transparent Tax behaviour recently featuring their business case. Discover also the 3-step approach offered by CSR Europe.  Read More

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Sustainable Finance: An EU-wide Taxonomy on green investments


In this second article of our series, we focus on the European Commission’s Action Plan on Sustainable Finance and the EU-wide taxonomy (Classification system) on green investments. The EC’s efforts to set up and regulate a green finance taxonomy aims to create clarity on what is considered sustainable and which activities can be labelled as such. CSR Europe follows these developments closely. Read more

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Building a greener, fairer and more inclusive Europe

In their May meeting in Sibiu, the EU leaders focused on the priorities of EU’s next strategic agenda for 2019 to 2024. Sustainability is set to occupy a pivotal role. Read More


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EU Update
Upcoming EU events
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EU Proposes New WTO Rules for Electronic Commerce
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Corporate Member News
Moody's 2018 CSR Report
ArcelorMittal named Steel Sustainability Champion for second consecutive year
BBVA reaffirms its commitment to sustainability in Italy and signs with Iren a line of green bank guarantees
Danone announces new grant program for sustainable food
Epson Joins RBA, the World's Largest Industry Coalition Dedicated to CSR in Global Supply Chains
Hyundai IONIQ Electric earns maximum 5-star ‘Green Car’ rating
Orange launches, the world’s first digital trust label for online news secured by the blockchain
National Partner News and Events
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