Engage in the EC Public Consultation on the Future climate and energy policy!

The strategy on long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reduction will be released at the end of 2018.


If you wish to join this consultation, you can access all the relevant info and submit the questionnaire here. The deadline for submitting your answers is October 9, 2018.


This strategy will address the policy aspects that will enable the Union to fulfil its obligations under the Paris Agreement and its objectives under the Energy Union.


The results of the consultation will help the EC to assess the readiness of all economic sectors, and the ambition of the general public, to move towards a low-carbon economy. The consultation aims at collecting views on (1) the type of transformations required, (2) key actions to achieve this transformation, (3) societal/economic challenges (and opportunities), (4) the role of consumers, and (5) the need for investment and innovation. It will also address technical questions on the potential of some mitigation options.

For your information, the questionnaire is structured around three sections:

  • Section I: Questions to establish information about you as a respondent
  • Section II: General questions about the policy framework
  • Section III: Questions on sector specific greenhouse gas reduction options (industry, transport; agriculture)

To participate in the consultation you are not obliged to fill in all questions; you can choose to reply to those that are more relevant for you. In addition, the questionnaire also offers the possibility to upload documents that contain written statements.

For any questions about the consultation, please contact the services of the European Commission (CLIMA-ENER-LONG-TERM-STRATEGY@ec.europa.eu).

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Engage in the EC Public Consultation on the Future climate and energy policy!
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