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The Compass Your Company Needs to Navigate the Climate Crisis

At Davos 2020 corporations talked the talk. Why? Complex, cross-boundary environmental and climate issues involve multiple actors, making it difficult for a single company to have an impact alone. The solution? Multistakeholder dialogue via Collaborative Platforms to boost expertise, identify and scale-up solutions to cross-country and cross-sector challenges. Discover CSR Europe’s Collaborative Platforms READ MORE


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SAVE THE DATE, The Brussels SDG Summit is Back

Join us on 10-11 June 2020 at the Brussels SDG Summit! We are back for a new exciting edition on “Transforming Business for a Sustainable Europe”. Registrations will open next week, on 10 February! READ MORE

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What is the EU Agenda on Future of Work?

With the new European Commission having taken the office for the next five years, here is a breakdown of the most important topics on President von der Leyen’s agenda regarding Future of Work. CSR Europe members are invited to join the next webinar on Workforce Transformation, on 12 March 2020. READ MORE

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Responsible Sourcing, New Materials Available to Tackle Capacity Building in Mining


Despite the increasing number of guidelines and regulations, it can still be difficult for companies to ensure responsible sourcing on the ground. The solution? Investments in capacity building activities. CSR Europe and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), has now made available a new training template to address the responsible sourcing in large-scale mines, smelters and refiners and their suppliers. The template was built on the Supplier Training Model developed by the collaborative platform Drive Sustainability. Discover all the other Platforms facilitated by CSR Europe. READ MORE


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Voicing the Social Conditions of Truck Drivers


Extensive sub-contracting, cross-border exploitation of different national legislation, inadequate drivers’ facilities, and driver shortage are only some of the difficult situations faced by European truck drivers. At the next working group meeting of the collaborative platform Responsible Trucking, on 27 February, project partners will listen first-hand to the experience of Polish truck driver Iwona Blecharczyk. READ MORE


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Mitigation of Tyre and Road Wear Particles, New Activities Planned


Knowledge exchange, a “Blueprint for Action on TRWP Hotspots” and a project proposal for the EU LIFE Programme will be at the centre of the European Tyre and Road Wear Particles (TRWP) Platform’s activities for 2020. Launched by the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA) and facilitated by CSR Europe, the Platform addresses the environmental impact of TRWP. Next steps will be discussed at the meeting on 18 February. READ MORE

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Ensuring Sustainable Markets and Finance in 2020

With the upcoming « Business Taxation for the 21st century » and Action Plan to Fight Tax Evasion, the EU Commission is setting the stage to deliver « an economy that works for the people ». Keep abreast of these changes with CSR Europe’s 3-Step Approach to Responsible and Transparent Tax Behaviour. READ MORE

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The EU Green Deal, A Timeline for Action


In the recently released Communication on the European Green Deal, the Von der Leyen Commission outlines the key actions to deliver Europe’s growth strategy for the years to come. CSR Europe will discuss these latest developments at the Public Affairs Workshop on 11 February. READ MORE


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Calendar of Events 2020
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