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Stakeholder Dialogue paves way to Sustainability


CSR Europe facilitated a Global Stakeholder Dialogue for tyre manufacturer Pirelli.  The aim was to finalise the implementation manual of its Sustainable Natural Rubber policy. Find out how CSR Europe can help to involve direct and indirect stakeholders (customers, suppliers, distributors, peers, NGO's etc) to get a better grasp of their interests and needs.. Read more

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Voice your Company Views on Apprenticeship Mobility


CSR Europe is collecting company views on transnational apprenticeship mobility through a new survey. As apprenticeship mobility is gaining momentum on the European agenda, more Erasmus funds will be allocated to support long-term mobility of apprentices. In effort to shape the future discussions and Erasmus+ offer in line with company realities, CSR Europe is gathering the business voice on how apprenticeship mobility can work in practice in company settings. Read more

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Future of work: 5 Principles for Sustainable Workforce Transitions


Graduates exiting university will have around 15 jobs in their lifetime.

At the same time, a large number of routine and repetitive occupations will be disrupted by technological advancements. These changes will require to rethink employment through the lens of continuous workforce transitions. Discover CSR Europe's offer on Corporate Digital Responsibility  Read more

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Europe pushes for ETHICAL Artificial Intelligence

















In its endeavour to prepare European societies for the digital future, the EU has made progress, but much is still to be done. Loubna Bouarfa is the CEO & Founder of OKRA Technologies and a member of the EU High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence. She provides recommendations to increase the use of AI in a more ethical way, such as in hiring employees. Read more

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Tackling Social Issues in Road Logistics

On 30 January, CSR Europe organises a workshop with a group of logistics companies to shape a collaborative platform to improve social standards in road transport logistics. Raymond Lausberg, Chief Inspector Highway Police, Liege, Belgium, explains European regulations on wages, social security and human rights are just not being respected. How do we respond? Read more

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Business & Policy-Makers to Collaborate on Circular Economy















Innovative and circular business models as well as enabling policy environments represent great opportunities for the business and the policy sectors.

The transition can  generate opportunities such as improving the economic growth, creating new jobs, increasing innovation and saving substantial net material costs.

Read more

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CSR Europe fosters Investor Engagement on Non-Financial Disclosure


In 2018, under the Management and Transparency Learning Network, CSR Europe organised two working groups on non-financial reporting and investor engagement, promoting the integration of sustainability in management systems and reporting practices. 2019 will be dedicted to supporting CSR Europe members in overcoming key challenges of disclosing Non-Financial Information and engaging investors. Read more

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EFRAG: Call for applications on climate-related reporting


The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) seeks candidates for its new task force on climate-related reporting

As CSR Europe will embark on climate-related disclosure projects in 2019, we recommend member companies addressing sustainability reporting to look into this call. Deadline for Applcations is 26 January 2019.

Read more »
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CSR Europe News & Upcoming Activities
Discover our Exciting Activities for 2019

In 2019, CSR Europe is projected to change its strategy. As such, a series of activities and events have been set to move the sustainability agenda forward. Read more

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National Partner News & Events
82% of signatories of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg address work-life balance

IMS Luxembourg presented the results of the third barometer "Diversité & Entreprise Lëtzebuerg". One of the trends is quickly to deal with the topic of employee well-being, especially with respect to work-life balance: 82% of them prioritize this topic. In this context, 92% of the signatory organizations have implemented a system of flexible hours, while 89% have a system of part-time, parental leave, leave without pay and absence of meetings after 18h. Read more

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Launch of BITCI Podcast

Business in the Community Ireland has launched the BITCI Podcast in December. The first series, CEO As Activist, follows on from the theme of BITCI’s 11th Annual CEO Forum where it examined the emerging trend of the CEO as activist. In the first two episodes of the series, you can hear how the CEOs from ESB, Lidl Ireland and Sodexo are actively involved in solving today’s social challenges and the contributions they make to create a more inclusive society. Read more

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Money Deal, the award-winning FACE app at the Telecom Innovations 2018 Awards

The French Federation of Telecoms organized late in 2018 the telecom awards ceremony in Rennes on the theme of "responsible digital initiation". On this occasion, the project “Money Deal”, the serious game of budget education and digital inclusion won the 2018 innovation prize. Read more

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The deadline for contributions for the next issue of the Newsbundle is January 31, 2019, at 17.00 (CEST).

If you would like to share relevant information on your CSR activities or events with the Newsbundle readers or contribute an Enterprise 2020 blog post, please contact Pascale Wauters at

EU Update
Upcoming EU events
EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement
EU budget for 2019 approved
EC agrees on New EU deal on electricity market rules
EP sets new rules to tax digital companies’ revenues
EU – USA Privacy Shield Reviewed
Corporate Member News
Total becomes founding member of the new global alliance for plastic waste end
ArcelorMittal call for green border adjustment to address climate change while securing the competitiveness of European steel mills
BASF for the first time makes products with chemically recycled plastics
Coca-Cola Announces New Investments in Enhanced Recycling as Part of ‘World Without Waste’ Vision
HItachi to strengthen Energy Solutions Business with the Aquisiction of ABB's Power Grids Business
CES 2019: Honda Creates New Categories of Technology to Enhance Work, Offer Convenience, Reduce Carbon and Save Lives
Huawei Uses the Power of AI to Help Deaf Children and Their Parents Learn And Enjoy Reading Together
Hyundai Reveals World’s First Smart Fingerprint Technology to Vehicles
National Partner News and Events
Call for applications: Business Partnership Facility - Enterprises for SDGs