#DigitalDirections: The role of business and digital technology in shaping the future economy

Drawing from our newly published research on the Sustainable Development Goals, CSR Europe's Executive Director, Stefan Crets, contributes to the #DigitalDirections platform by drawing attention to digital technology as an opportunity for business to capitalise on the opportunities of the SDGs. 

Launched at the European Business Summit 2017, #DigitalDirections is a platform that shares insights and perspectives to celebrate the central role technology plays in powering innovation for business, as well as the various paths business and government leaders are forging to navigate the digital era.

The article, 'The role of business and digital technology in shaping the future economy', draws from CSR Europe's recent research on the SDGs to highlight specific instances in which digital technology will play a critical role in overcoming long-standing hurdles in economic, environmental, and social sustainability. 

Read the entire article here and visit the #DigitalDirections platform.

Read our whitepaper The Sustainable Development Goals: The value for Europe

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