Automotive: results of materials prioritisation to be released soon


Drive Sustainability will publish a report compiling top 17 raw materials prioritisation for responsible sourcing in the automotive supply chain next April.


Raw materials form a strong industrial base, producing a broad range of goods and applications used in everyday life and modern technologies. However, reliable and unhindered access to certain raw materials is a growing concern globally.


At CSR Europe, we address sustainability issues along complex supply and value chains with and across different sectors. Increasingly, we witness interest and willingness for cross-sectoral collaboration by several industry initiatives – especially on the topic of raw materials.


Why is this happening? Here are the top 3 reasons:

  • Awareness that industry initiatives and activity is on the rise.
  • Increased communication on collaborative projects from industry initiatives. Joint efforts can help significantly scaling up impact.
  • Review and regular update of the list of critical raw materials (CRMs) by the European Commission on responsible sourcing. CRMs combine raw materials of high importance to the EU economy together with a high risk associated to their supply.



CSR Europe as a facilitator of Drive Sustainability  a Partnership of 10 major auto brands that aims to enhance sustainability throughout the automotive supply chain – is working on the “Raw Materials Observatory” to address the ethical and environmental issues around their use of raw materials.


This initiative will assess the risks posed by the industry’s principal raw materials and will allow Drive Sustainability to identify the most impactful options for collective action to pursue in order to address such issues.


Ahead of the OECD Forum on responsible mineral supply chains, Drive Sustainability will publish the results of its materials prioritisation for responsible sourcing in the automotive supply chain. The report will present the methodology and results for risk assessment, and the profiles of the top 17 materials.


Joining forces cross-sectorally on critical tools to prevent both reputational risk and regulatory action, as well as a roadmap to better, more sustainable sourcing is the way to go.

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