Hans Daems, Chairman CSR Europe, on 2018 activities


In early September, CSR Europe’s Board had their third meeting of 2017. The main topic on the agenda was to look forward to the 2018 planning and beyond. Hans Daems, Chair of the Board, provides directions set by the Board.


Q1: After 2 years of intensive activity, the Pact for Youth campaign will slowly evolve into something new.

HD: The full impact of the whole project will come to light at our Summit, on November 23 to be held in Brussels. This event will be the unique gathering of business and EU leaders to capture the results of the Pact and to indicate the way forward. Of course, the Pact for Youth is far from being over, there is so much we still need to do in favour of youth employability. What is now important is to translate the opportunities from the Pact into real concrete actions which will benefit youth across Europe. The Board therefore decided that the focus lies in a nearer future on the implementation of practical projects with our National Partner Organisations and companies.

Looking forward to 2018, the direction for CSR Europe is to focus on employability and resilience of the workforce. Overall, this new project will have to add direct practical value to members and national partners and will be linked to the SDGs.

Q2: The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a strong tool to implement business strategy and to stimulate collaboration. What will be the focus for CSR Europe in 2018?

HD: This is where the real value of CSR Europe comes in. We have a real opportunity to build upon the amazing experiences our members are developing in the framework of the SDGs. Collaboration through initiatives to stimulate co-creation based on the incubation and acceleration of business programmes, will be central to the direction of our network. We will also be providing learning opportunities and consider how we can measure the actual SDG related impact. 

To further strengthen our role as the European Business Platform for action towards the SDGs, CSR Europe will hold a 2nd SDG conference in May 2018. At that time, we will release another major research-based report to build on the success of the whitepaper we launched at our SDG conference during the European Business Summit last May.

Q3: What about EU policy dialogue on the SDGs?

HD: Making CSR Europe’s members’ voice heard in the EU Multi-stakeholder platform on the SDGs is our main target. At the same time, it is essential to unlock value for Europe. CSR Europe’s intervention will prioritise further integration around:

  • Jobs, growth and investment (including. skills, industrial policy and circular economy)
  • Trade and development
  • Internal market incl. governance and transparency

In these areas, CSR Europe will advocate a balanced approach between competitiveness, compliance and innovation, promoting internal policy consistency and emphasising the need for accelerated capacity building. At the same time, the incubation of collaborative projects is also key to achieve results.

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