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31 Days Left to Join 300 CEOs for a Sustainable Europe by 2030


CEOs have time until 30 November to endorse CSR Europe’s Call to Action for a Sustainable Europe by 2030 and be part of the widest group of CEOs ever mobilised in Europe for sustainability. The Call and its full list of signatories will be presented to the Presidents of the EU institution. Read More

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How Joining Forces can Help Companies Solving the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pose complex, cross-boundary issues that involve multiple actors, making it difficult for the single business to have an impact. The solution? Collaborative and cross-sector partnerships. They can help your company solving a business challenge by boosting expertise and revealing opportunities within the challenges posed by the SDGs, making systemic transformation possible. Discover how you can build your own collaborative platform.  

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Join the Sustainable Future Summit 2019

Just ahead of the COP25 in Chile, CSR Europe is supporting POLITICO in the launch of its first Sustainable Future Summit on November 14 in Brussels. CSR Europe members and partners are invited to participate and will benefit from a 30% discount. Join the Discussions and Register Now

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How to Manage Your Business Transformation Responsibly


Technological advancements, rising popularity of circular economy and green investments are changing business models and workforce compositions. CSR Europe brings together its members on 28th November to investigate together how to manage workforce transformations responsibly in the phase of rapidly changing labour markets. Read more. 

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Join CSR Europe's New Platform to boost Sustainable Business in Europe & Africa

Digitalisation and skills are key enablers for sustainable business growth both in Europe and Africa as they can improve a country’s governance, education, and infrastructure system. CSR Europe is actively recruiting companies interested in joining the business-led Collaborative Platform on “Sustainable and Upgraded Value Chains in Europe & Africa”.  The first working meeting will be held in Morocco on 6 February 2020. Read more.

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13 Leading Carriers and Shippers Start Working for Better Trucking


The 13 partners of the Collaborative Platform “Better Trucking” met on 9 October to discuss how to create better working conditions for European road transport workers and improve the image of the industry.  Read more

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Measuring Biodiversity Impact Across Your Value Chain


The business-led platform “Biodiversity & Industry” is gathering partners interested in collaborating to enhance their Net Positive Impact on biodiversity. Companies will benefit from CSR Europe’s strategic partnership with the European Commission’s EU Business @ Biodiversity (B@B) Platform. Read more. 

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Grievance Mechanisms to Meet Stakeholder Expectations


Business enterprises have a responsibility to respect human rights. An effective grievance mechanism is an important contribution to human rights due diligence processes. Register for CSR Europe’s webinar on 14th of November to explore how your organisation can refine its grievance management procedures and ensure that the voice of all rightsholders is heard. Read More

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The Importance of Disability in Non-Financial Reporting

The Guide Disability in Sustainability Reporting” offers a practical solution to the challenges faced by companies interested in reporting their activities on disability. The tool, developed by Fundación ONCE and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), with the co-funding of the European Social Fund (ESF), will make it easier to identify what activities can have an impact on the rights of people with disabilities. Read more

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Fair Taxation, Get the Basics Right

With the von der Leyen’s Commission ready to implement an inclusive agenda and curb corporate tax avoidance in the EU, ensuring a responsible tax behaviour is of paramount importance for companies and their reputation. To ensure a smooth sailing towards a responsible and transparent tax behaviour, CSR Europe developed a 3 Step Approach that will help them building trust in their business. Read more 

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Who are the Key Commissioners for Sustainability for 2019-2024?


Discover the three Commissioners that will be responsible for the implementation of the European Green Deal for Europe proposed by President-Elect von der Leyen in her Political Guidelines for 2019-2024. Read More

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CSR Europe News & Upcoming Activities
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EU Update
Upcoming EU Events
Moving forward for a Sustainable Finance Action Plan
EU Leaders Call for Enhanced Climate Ambition
Eco-design and future policy actions on the circular economy
A new EU Agency to tackle Labour Mobility
EU Launched the International Platform on Sustainable Finance (IPSF) 
Sector News
The First Sustainability Standard for the Professional Services Sector is Now Available
Corporate Member News
Total to Double its Capacity of Recycled Polypropylene
BASF Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Sustainability Strategy
Ferrero Releases 10th CSR Report
National Partner News and Events
Businesses VS Gender based violence
Germany: UPJ Annual Conference 2020
Spain: 33 Spanish CEO and Presidents have endorsed the call to action ‘New Deal for Europe’
Spain: A Guide for Companies Seeking to Address the Wage Gap
Ireland: BITCI announces its 12th annual CEO forum on 13th November in Dublin.
Luxembourg: Purchasing Club "Achats Out of the Box"
Poland: 1st Diversity & Inclusion Rating in Poland
Greece: Results From The Summer School On CSR 2019