Commission Prepares to Scale Up Efforts to Protect Biodiversity

As the Commission publishes a new guidance document on integrating ecosystems and their services into decision-making, the President-elect promises to improve dramatically EU action.

In 2019, the Word Economic Forum classified biodiversity loss as the sixth greater threat to global economy in terms of potential impact, and, nevertheless, the EU failed to achieve every objective of the Biodiversity strategy 2020.


President Elect von der Leyen pledged to change this course of action by claiming that The EU and its Member states will: “lead the world at the 2020 Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, just as we did at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference”. This will involve not only the launch a new Biodiversity strategy for 2030, buy also enacting a set of horizontal policies concerning, for instance, the Non-Financial Reporting and the Sustainable Finance Frameworks.


In this context, the Commission published EU guidance on integrating ecosystems and their services into decision-making, which had been planned since last year, dedicated to policymakers and business. The document outlines a very complex scenario for an effective integration of Business and Biodiversity, introducing the main critical elements, but also the main opportunities for companies to take advantage of. 


On September 24 CSR Europe hosted an exploratory workshop on Biodiversity & Industry, with the aim to explore the challenges arising from industry’s biodiversity footprint and to identify solutions through a business-led collaborative platform.


Following the enthusiasm of the participants of the Workshop on Biodiversity and Industry hosted last September 24, CSR Europe its evaluating with its partners the next steps to create an agora in which discussing biodiversity-related matters.

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