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Do you hear those calls?

On 11 June, CSR Europe co-signed the Open Letter to EU Leaders to make sustainable development the overarching objective of the European Union's priorities. The letter is directed to the EU Heads of States and Government that will discuss the Strategic Agenda 2019-2024 at the European Council Summit on 20-21 June. Together with other 150 organisations, CSR Europe voiced the concerns of more than 100 CEOs that previously expressed their support for a New Deal for Europe at the Brussels SDG Summit last May. They want to accelerate sustainable growth, tackle climate change and create inclusive prosperity.



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CSR Europe welcomes 3 new corporate members

3 New members recently joined CSR Europe. They are operating in a wide array of sectors, spacing from building materials (Cemex); to mapping and location data and related services (Here Technologies)  and financial products and services (Iccrea Banca). Discover the added value that the CSR Europe Membership is bringing to their sustainability journey. Read More

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Multi-Sectoral partnerships deliver progress & impact

Four years after the launch of the SDGs, obstacles in addressing them remain significant. Discover how Multi-Sectoral Partnerships & Collaborative platforms can deliver progress & Impact. In terms of contribution to the SDGs, they rank just behind NGOs and social entrepreneurs. Find out more in CSR Europe’s 3rd White Paper. Discover CSR Europe new Collaborative platforms Improving Working conditions of Truck drivers  Promoting Women in STEM  careers and

Biodiversity & Industry Platform Read More

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Discover how CSR Europe can support your organisation

In the wake of its 2030 Strategy, CSR Europe has developed a Service Offer around 3 priority areas People, Materials and Markets. The Service Offer is articulated around Collaborative Platforms, National Partner Networks, Community of Practice and EU Policy Dialogue. Discover our Service Offer and 2030 strategy

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Collaborative Platforms
Find out how Renewables and Raw Materials can spark up new collaboration

When raw materials used in renewable energy technology are scarce in nature, it becomes paramount to find ways to source them in a sustainable and responsible way.  At CSR Europe’s Workshop on Circular Business Models in Renewable Energy, on 1 July, companies will share their experience and look for opportunities for further collaboration. Read More

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Explore how to enhance your biodiversity impact

Despite existing tools and methodologies to monitor both ongoing loss of biodiversity and success of conservation measures, businesses have yet to assess the impact of their activities consistently. How can they enhance the net positive biodiversity impacts of business across the value chain? Find out at CSR Europe webinar: ‘Industry & Biodiversity’ – Measuring Corporate Biodiversity Impact on 26 June. Read More

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3 sustainability lessons from the automotive industry

From the creation of the Self Assesment Questionnaire (SAQ Tool) to assess potential sustainability issues in the supply chain to the localisation of its global approach to solve country-specific issues, the collaborative platform Drive Sustainability is minimising the impact of the automotive industry on the environment, while improving the social conditions of its workers. Read More

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Creating strong partnerships for Youth Education

Total Foundation is building up new citizenship programmes based on partnerships between civil society, educational institutions and private companies, such as suppliers. During CSR Europe' SDG roundtable on Youth Inclusion & Education, at the Brussels SDG Summit last May, Manoelle Lepoutre, Senior Vice President Civil Society and Engagement, TOTAL, provided key highlights of Total Foundation’s work. Read More

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Include Business & Human Rights in your business operations

Business and Human Rights Training is an opportunity to enhance your expertise in day to day business operations. Catia Fernandes, Coordinator - Charte de la Diversité Lëtzebuerg at IMS Luxembourg, and member of CSR Europe’s National Partner Organisations, provides insights on the added value of the training. Register to CSR Europe's webinar ‘Train the trainer programme’ on Business & Human rights on 27 June. Read More

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Pursuing a Responsible & Transparent Tax Behaviour, the case of BBVA


With its Total Tax Contribution report, the multinational Spanish banking group discloses, on a yearly basis, its corporate income tax, VAT, wage tax and others, to increase transparency and trust amongst stakeholders. The BBVA approach was recently included in CSR Europe’s Blueprint on Responsible and Transparent Tax behaviour. Discover our service offer to help your company ensuring corporate responsibility on tax.  Read More

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How Investors contribute to the sustainable economy



The European Commission’s Action Plan on Sustainable Finance underlines the key role of investors in supporting companies in their long-term value creation journey. CSR Europe’s Total Impact Disclosure approach offers a framework for the promotion of good practices in engaging investors and creating a better and long-term dialogue with the investor community. Discover the state of play regarding the implementation of the EU’s Action Plan at the webinar “Updates on Non-Financial Reporting and Sustainable Finance”, on 4 July 2019 Read More

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EU cracks down on Single-Use Plastics

From cotton bud sticks to cutlery, new EU directive currently in force bans the use of the 10 single-use plastic products polluting EU beaches, while introducing clean-up and waste management measures for producers that could save member states €22 billion by 2030, according to EU Commissioner Vella. Read More

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National Partner Organisations
Strengthening Civil Society - Private Sector Partnerships

The 12 months project, run by CSR Europe and CSR Turkey, is aimed at enhancing EU-Turkey Cooperation on capacity building for Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Read More

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EU Update
Upcoming EU events
Council Welcomes the Reflection Paper “Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030’’
ETS Market Stability Reserve to Reduce Auction Volume by Almost 400 Million Allowances
Human Rights and Business, Council Adopts EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy
Commission Registers “Save the Bees!” Initiative
Corporate Member News
Coca-Cola's 2018 Business & Sustainability Report
Enel begins construction on wind farm in South Africa
IBM to use blockchain to combat food waste
Canon announces partnership with Kenyan Film Lecturers
Engie Competition Open for Moroccan Start-ups with Energy Solutions
National Partner News and Events
Finland: Companies largely unaware of biodiversity challenge
Slovakia: Webinar on Quality Education
Spain: Sustainability Awards' Call Open