Orange and Cyfrowy Polsat win the best CSR report award in Poland
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Non-financial reports and statements submitted by companies and organisations were assessed by experts, journalists and Internet users. The 12th edition of the CSR Reports Competition saw a record number of 49 entries. The main category winners were Orange Polska and Cyfrowy Polsat.


Other awards and honourable mentions were given to ING Bank Śląski, Kompania Piwowarska, LPP, MPWiK S.A. in Wrocław, Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka, the Dr Piotr Janaszek PODAJ DALEJ Foundation, and Fundacja Hospicjum Onkologiczne św. Krzysztofa (The Saint Christopher Cancer Hospice Foundation). The CSR Reports Competition is Orange and Cyfrowy Polsat win the best CSR report award in Poland organised by the Responsible Business Forum in Poland and Deloitte.


The number of reports and statements submitted for the CSR Report Competition continues to grow each year. This year’s 12th edition of the Competition saw a total of 49 entries, including CSR/sustainability reports, integrated reports, and non-financial statements that meet the requirements of Directive 2014/95/EU. The submissions were assessed by a jury of experts in economics, environmental protection, social issues, and corporate social responsibility. The reports and statements were also voted for online by the general public. The award ceremony for the 12th CSR Report Competition took place on 19 October at the Warsaw Trade Tower. It was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Competition. A video of the event is available at


“Drawing up a non-financial report is an arduous process that takes many months, and requires companies and organisations to be cooperation-oriented and open to dialogue with their stakeholders. The main criteria that the submissions are assessed against include completeness, trust and communication. Therefore, by selecting the best entries we are rewarding companies and organisations whose reports are through, well-thought-out and reliable,” says Dominika Bettman, Chair of the CSR Report Competition Jury and President of the Responsible Business Forum.


“Each year, we’re seeing an improvement in the quality of the entries and a growing number of integrated reports in the competition. In this year’s record edition, as much as 92% of the reports complied with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard, and 58% of the integrated reports had undergone an external review prior to submission. Also inspiring is the fact that the quality of reports submitted for the first time is oftentimes as high as those entered by the long-time ranking leaders. This means that if you want to be recognised by the Jury, you need to be continuously developing your approach to sustainability management, enhancing your transparency, and improving your reporting skills,” says Maria Ibisz, Manager at Poland and Central Europe Sustainability Team, Deloitte. "This year’s winning reports from Poland will also have the chance to compete in the Green Frog Awards (GFA), which is a joint competition for the integrated and non-financial reports in Central Europe and Russia.”


Award winners


In the 12th edition of the CSR Report Competition, awards were announced in 8 categories. The winners of the best integrated report, CSR report and non-business organisation report were selected by a jury of experts, along with honourable mentions. Awards were also given by journalists, the Minister of Investment and Economic Development, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and the general public in an online vote.


  • Main Prize for the Integrated Report:

Orange Polska for presenting a business and management approach incorporating the financial perspective and the ESG; a comprehensive presentation of the risks; a reliable, accurate and credible report describing both the strengths and the weaknesses of the organisation; the report underwent an external review.  (Link to the report:


  • Main Prize for the CSR Report:

Cyfrowy Polsat for a complete, reliable and easily comprehensible report. Although the company is a newcomer in the competition, its report was ranked among the leaders in this category. (Link to the report:


  • Integrated Report honourable mention:

ING Bank Śląski for presenting the company’s interactions relating to social and environmental issues, with a focus on key influences for the industry, including incorporation of the ESG in credit risk assessment and governance and compliance management, as well as clear commitment at all levels of the organisation, accuracy, and the presentation of specific results and the status of the strategy with KPIs. (Link to the report:


  • First best time CSR Report honourable mention:

LPP for an interesting presentation of its business model and how the company’s value chain works, as well as for courageously addressing the difficult issue of responsibility in the supply chain, and a reliable presentation of the tools to oversee compliance with the applicable rules, audit-related indicators, and the educational value of the report for the market and the company’s stakeholders. (Link to the report:


  • First best time CSR Report honourable mention:

MPWiK S.A. in Wrocław for promoting a non-financial reporting trend in the public sector based on the international GRI guidelines; the first report in the water supply and sewerage sector. (Link to the report:


  • The Minister of Investment and Economic Development Award:

Dr Piotr Janaszek PODAJ DALEJ Foundation (Link to the report:


  • The Warsaw Stock Exchange Award:

Orange Polska (Link to the report:


  • The Journalist Jury Award:

Kompania Piwowarska for its consistency and for a comprehensive report showing the company’s impact on the Polish economy. (Link to the report:


  • The Journalist Jury honourable mention:

Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka as the best newcomer, especially for a transparent presentation of the impact areas.  (Link to the report:


  • Best report submitted by a non-business organization:

The Doctor Piotr Janaszek PODAJ DALEJ Foundation for consistently maintaining high standards of NGO reporting, and for the report’s educational value. (Link to the report:


  • The Online Community Award:

Fundacja Hospicjum Onkologiczne św. Krzysztofa (The Saint Christopher Cancer Hospice Foundation) (Link to the report:


About the competition

Running since 2007, the CSR Report Competition is hosted by the Responsible Business Forum in Poland and Deloitte. A Report Library and the publications submitted for the twelfth CSR Report Competition are available on the competition website,



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