The Circular Plastics Alliance Presents Its Declaration

More than 100 signatories pledged to use more 10 tons of recycle plastics by 2015


On September 20, the European Commission gathered public and private partners for the presentation and adoption of the Circular Plastics Alliance’s Declaration. The signatories pledged to work to ensure that at least 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics would be reused for new products each year by 2025, helping to increase the circularity of the European economy.


First Vice-President Timmermans, responsible for sustainable development and designated to steer the “European Green Deal” in the next Commission, welcomed the efforts of the industry and stressed the importance of the issue of circularity in the plastics value chain stating that: “by efficiently recycling plastics, we will clean up the planet and fight climate change, by substituting fossil fuels with plastic waste in the production cycle”.


CSR Europe has been active for several years to tackle the issue of the plastics circularity, and its currently engaged with two crucial projects. R2π: - transition from linear 2 circular, is the European project aimed at enabling organisations to innovate towards more viable, sustainable and competitive models. The project examines how to transition to Circular Economy Business Models, by focusing on the enablers and barriers of markets and policymaking. The final goal is to accelerate the widespread implementation of a circular economy business models and policies.


The second project addresses specifically the issue of microplastics produced by the functioning of tyres on the road and is the European TRWP Platform, whose purpose is to create a dialogue among all relevant stakeholders (i.e. road authorities, vehicle manufacturers, organisations related to driving behaviour, tyre manufacturers, water treatment plants, sewage companies, research institutes , NGOs and policy makers ) to share intelligence, build scientific knowledge, explore balanced and holistic approaches to the issue and co-design mitigation options.

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