5 reasons why collaboration is key for a sustainable logistics sector



Sustainable logistics is becoming a priority for the EU, and a key focus of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Here are five reasons why collaboration is key for a sustainable logistics sector:


1. Inter-connected sector: Logistics is not a standalone sector, but highly inter-connected and the gear along the supply chain. Therefore, issues in the logistics sector will trigger issues in the supply chain.


2. High expectations of policy makers and international organisations: The European Commission and the United Nations set ambitious targets that are impossible to reach by one company or sector alone.


3. Mutual understanding of challenges and priorities: By collaborating with other actors along the supply chain, companies will better understand the challenges and priorities of their business partners. 


4. Learning and adapting: Collaboration with business partners and stakeholders provides companies with valuable insights into other organisations. It enables companies to re-think and re-shape internal structures and processes and provides competitive advantages.


5. Scale and impact: Multi-stakeholder approaches and business collaboration take into account several actors and their individual requirements. This makes cross-sector approaches solid and leads to greater impact on the ground.


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